Making Money Over The Internet Involves Having More Than A Clue

To be successful in any business it is important to have a plan and if you don’t have a plan… get one. Making money over the internet is difficult without a routine for traffic generation, content generation and so on. There’s also a more important reason for having a plan read on to find out what it is.

Have you ever traveled somewhere without a map? You know the general location of where it is you need to be in order to get where you want to go, but no matter how close you get you’re never quite there and the longer it takes to reach your destination the more you feel like giving up and forgetting the whole thing.

Without an internet marketing plan in place you run the risk of giving up in frustration. This is a common problem that can be fixed but that’s not all. Once you have a plan in place the next thing you’re going to need is motivation.

Getting the necessary motivation to execute your plan will come from setting goals. The key is to set realistic and achievable goals that give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Finally it’s important to find a mentor, someone you can establish some accountability with and draw encouragement from. There’s no substitute for a good mentor. An ebook or video can only go so far so make sure to set yourself up for success and I”m sure that once you do, you’ll find that making money over the internet is not as difficult and confusing as the powers that be make it out to be.

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17 Responses to “Making Money Over The Internet Involves Having More Than A Clue”

  • iTablet on October 3, 2009

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
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  • You seem to be reading day and night looking for good stuff to post

    • nando on October 4, 2009

      It sure feels like it sometimes 🙂

      Thanks for reading,

  • Consumer court on October 4, 2009

    Making money on the internet is not so easy as it involves a lot of knowledge and lot of risk. You need to get the detailed knowledge about the specific art. The post is exceptional and i am sure that this will be of great help to many.
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  • Parminder on October 6, 2009

    Making the money on internet is not so easy until one gets to learn the real terms about it as specified in your post
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  • john on October 6, 2009

    I’ve been following your blogs for a while now and this is honestly one of the best I’ve read. Its a simple and organised blog. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • nando on October 7, 2009


      Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad the information is useful


  • Sergei@translation on October 8, 2009

    When it comes about making money on net i would say it is not a quick process it is a time taking process in which the visitor should understand the real face of the Internet & once it is done making the money on internet would become very easy for that person!thanks!

  • perth insulation on October 10, 2009

    I am impressed with the content of the article. I have been trying this method and I have seen some real improvements. This method is very useful.

    • nando on October 11, 2009

      Glad to hear about your success,

      Keep going. Look forward to hearing more!


  • cleveland tn seo on October 11, 2009

    I totally agree with you so many times so many people just get in to much of a hurry and and just want a site up to try to make money. If they just took their time and planed it out and payed attention to detail they could do a lot better.The idea is quality and not quantity.

    • nando on October 11, 2009


      A little planning goes a long way.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Try EMC on October 13, 2009

    Agree, could not ask for more. I like the title very much, The Underground Affiliate Manifesto
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    • nando on October 13, 2009

      Thanks for the comment and kind words.

      Post back your thoughts about the report when you get a chance.
      Thanks again,


  • thanks for the useful information

  • I agree with the person above, that making money online is not a easy task, because methods available changes next to no time, I mean new things are often introduced leaving internet users confused.

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