Marketing By Any Other Name Is Still Marketing

It took me awhile to understand that affiliate marketing, internet marketing, email marketing, niche marketing, was still… marketing.

Because I was so distracted by the glitter of clever graphical design and fantasy based headlines, I struggled like so many people do in the beginning to generate any kind of income from the internet.

I bought into the fantasy of making $123,458.03 in 30 days and getting thousands of visitors to my website with this or that ‘magic’ traffic trick.

But what I failed to recognize was that I had to learn what marketing is if I wanted to make a career out of it online.

Even if you’re an affiliate meaning that you’re promoting someone else’s products for commission, understanding what marketing is and how to do it effectively can set you apart from the hundreds if not thousands of other people promoting the same product as you.

The NSM From Scratch System is coming.

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