Marketing Mastermind, Like Facebook for Internet Marketers

There is a new social community developing online and it is shaping up to become a very useful resource for internet marketers. The setup of the site is much like facebook and gives internet marketers a platform for voicing their opinions, concerns and ideas amongst one another as well as post marketing announcements.

The community is called Marketing Mastermind and is the brain child of Brett Ingram. Brett Ingram is the owner and operator of Think Big publications and has created a very successful online enterprise.

Marketing Mastermind is free to join and is a fully functioning social medium that can enhance your marketing ability by learning from and connecting with other successful internet marketers who can provide guidance and support, an area that is desperately lacking online.

Visit the site and take a look around and see the value for yourself. I definitely recommend it as it can become a powerful tool for forging future joint venture relationships.

Click here to visit Marketing Mastermind



6 Responses to “Marketing Mastermind, Like Facebook for Internet Marketers”

  • This sounds great! Ill check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chris Jensen on July 1, 2009

    Thanks for the great information. I have checked out this mastermind, and I am thinking that it is going to be really beneficial to many online marketers.

    Maybe I will see you in there sometime!

    Chris Jensen

  • Thanks for the great info! I already checked this out! This is by far one of the best communities out there!

  • Gokkast on July 7, 2009

    Just checked out the site & considering creating an account. Thanks for sharing

  • That’s interesting news, thank you so much for this post…

  • Chem on July 10, 2009

    The post is a useful one, packed with information. Thank you so much for writing such a nice post.

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