Millionaire Society Review Brought To You By

Hey you know what? I personally think this review sucks. Yes it’s me Nando and I’m criticizing my own Millionaire Society review.

Seems a bit counterproductive doesn’t it?

So why am I doing it you say?

Because I want to use this opportunity to tell you that if you’re going to write a review, just be yourself and say whether the product sucks or not.

Your readers will be happy with you because they will know by the sound of your voice and the quality of your review whether they should waste their time or not.

I was going to scrap this page altogether when I decided that it would better serve as a training opportunity.

Does the Millionaire Society suck? Not totally, but it could be better.

If you’re a super newbie, there are some basic things you can learn here to get you going, but even still it could be a little overwhelming as to where you should start.

Mack is big on affiliate marketing and that’s pretty much his angle within the Millionaire Society, probably so that you might end up promoting it yourself and build more Google love for him.

Hey, if you can make a few bucks promoting it then it might be worth joining, otherwise you may want to try another route.

Click the little box on the lower right of the video screen for full screen viewing of my ‘sucky’ Millionaire Society product review.

To get a closer look for yourself at the Millionaire Society membership please click here

I know you could probably do a much better review, heck I know I could.

Let me know what you think? Did you laugh? Did you cringe?

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