More Website Traffic – Why It Doesn’t Always Mean More Sales

Perhaps you’ve been marketing your business online for a little while now and you’ve noticed that despite the number of visitors that come to your site, sales are still relatively low. Getting more website traffic is definitely an important part of the cash flow equation but there’s more to the picture.

This article will briefly discuss other important factors that contribute to the percentage of conversions you experience in relation to the amount of traffic that is coming to your website.

The first important factor that comes into play are the keywords you’re using to attract visitors to your website. A huge mistake many marketers tend to make is choosing keywords that are too general and information oriented.

For example if you were selling automotive parts for honda vehicles, using a keyword like “cars” is not going to attract individuals who are looking for automotive parts.

While the keyword “cars” may get thousands of searches per month, the term is too general and will not result  in sales from your honda automotive parts website.

To attract a more targeted visitor that would be more inclined to make a purchase from your site a better keyword to use might be “honda car parts”, “auto parts for honda vehicles” or any other similar variation.

The key is to locate keywords that are more specific to what our desired visitors are looking for. Keywords that more specifically describe what it is our visitors are looking for may not have as many monthly searches, however the percentage of sales generated from them will be higher.

A second important factor that can make getting more website traffic a profitable activity has to do with the content or the copy that your visitors are presented with when they reach your site.

Is the content on your site closely related to what your visitors are looking for?

Going back to our honda automotive parts example, if your visitor is looking for used honda car parts and your website is catering to new honda car owners and directing their attention to the parts department at a local dealer, what are the chances that your visitor will stay on your site?

Slim to say the least, so if you are getting more website traffic but you find that for the amount of traffic you’re getting sales are slow or nonexistent it would be to your benefit to look into the copy or content and keywords that you are using to attract your visitors.


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