My Traffic Blueprint… yeah Free traffic.

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I recently made a post about getting free traffic and why you’re better off paying for it if you’re just starting out. So let me explain myself real quick as to why I’m using free traffic methods to rank this blog and build up traffic volume.

First of all, I’ve made a major shift as to how I want to use this blog and for the most part it involves building a relationship with you the reader and continuing with the building of that relationship through my email autoresponder.

I’m not trying to make a million dollars by plastering it with ads, banners and all the typical ‘blog monetization stuff’, that you would normally see on a ‘make money blog’.

My route to millions involves somewhat of a different strategy that this blog is built into and that is what I will be focusing on going forward.

However rather than let my blog sit dormant, I’ve put together a rather simple ‘free traffic’ strategy to make the most of my cyber real estate and broaden my reach within the IM market.

Here’s what it looks like…

As you can see it doesn’t involve facebook, twitter or pinterest but I will be testing out some of these social sharing sites in the near future.

From the diagram above (which I made using I am using article marketing but not in the way that most people use it. I’m not doing article blasts to my money site because quite frankly that strategy doesn’t really work anymore even if you spin them.

What works better is to create original articles and place them on high pagerank sites with a link back to your money site or blog. Once I set up that site (,,, etc.) I spin the article and take the spun versions and submit them to article directories with links pointing back to the web2.0 sites that contain a different original article.

Something like this…

As I create new web 2.0 sites with original articles I will then do article blasts of another article and point them to each new site.

With this plan I will be varying anchor text and varying link destination to my main domain as well as to many of the inner pages of my blog.

Now there’s a lot more I can do in terms of utilizing RSS feeds, social bookmarking and blog networks, but I’m going to start here for the time being.

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