Preselling – The Super Affiliates Secret Weapon

It’s almost like magic. A visitor comes to your site, reads the information, clicks through to the salesletter and buys the product. Some of the most successful affiliates have this process down to a science. The magic has to do with preselling.

What is preselling? Preselling is warming up your visitors to the idea of purchasing the product your offering by educating them about it. When done properly and effectively, the recommendation you’re proposing becomes more of a friendly suggestion than a sales pitch.

What makes it so effective is that when properly applied the visitor or prospect comes to their own conclusion as to why they would need your product or service ON THEIR OWN.

Fact is, none of like to be sold to, but we all like to buy. So educating the prospect about said product or service is in effect selling without selling.

However there is another ingredient that when combined with educating your prospect can literally explode your income and that’s adding the element of…

Social proof or your own documented personal experience with the product.

By preselling your prospects to your offer, you are now in a position to effectively leverage the salescopy that the vendor hopefully spent good money to have created.

This secret weapon of the super affiliates is routinely utilized in webcopy, landing pages, email marketing and just about every other form of advertising designed to persuasively lead visitors to a sales letter and ultimately a buying decision.

Here is an example of preselling in action via email for a clickbank product.

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