Product Launch – Oh No Not Again…

On todays’ edition of “the inbox” a very successful and talented marketer by the name of Derrick VanDyke brings us a very interesting post from his blog at Affiliate Cash Secrets. The internet marketing scene is constantly inundated with product launch after product launch.

No sooner does one product launch before there is another right behind it, being heavily promoted as the “must have” product of the moment. Here is a brief snippet of his post:

Look! It’s another product launch…The bonus whores are bombarding your
email inbox, there’s a “deafening buzz” shaking the Internet like thunder, and YOU
are mesmerized by all the dollar signs and zeros on those “proof” screen shots.
Hey, if big-name marketers promote it and it costs a bazillion dollars, then it
must be the shiznit! Right? You’re finally going to get your hot little hands on the
easiest, fastest, push-button, flat out no-brainer system for making money online that
you can’t find anywhere else on the planet!

To read the rest of his post click here



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