Profitable Email List Building – Why Building A List Is So Important For Internet Marketers

When it comes to internet marketing one of the most commonly heard mantras you’ll hear is “the money is in the list”. If you’re just getting started on your journey to internet success you’re probably wondering why building a list is so important.

There are a fair share of marketers online who have managed to build rather sizeable incomes for themselves without having a list and it’s very easy to follow suit and just build websites, write copy and make money.

With that being the case it’s only fair to ask…

What’s the big deal about having a list?

So that we understand exactly what list building is, let’s quickly explain the process. When you search around the internet, landing on various websites, you may have noticed that many of them have a prominently featured form on their website that gives you an opportunity to submit your name and email in exchange for a newsletter or some other appropriately related offer.

Once you supply your contact details, the owner or webmaster of that particular site can now follow up with you by sending you further tips and information in connection with the subject matter related to their website as well as offers for related products that may interest you.

It’s through this mode of communication that the owner or webmaster can develop a rapport with you and keep in contact on a regular basis.

There are many niches that you can build an optin list of subscribers although not every niche may be suited for it.

In the case of products that offer a one time fix where there is no real follow up, building a list may not be a feasible option, but for the most part there is always some way you can upsell your subcribers.

A quick example may be, if you have a website that offers information related to infertility and how to overcome it, finding a related offer that would be appropriate to your target market could be a little tricky.

However if they use your recommended program and are successful at getting pregnant, you could offer them all kinds of baby related items during their pregnancy.

When it comes to building a list of subscribers it’s always good to start out with an assessment as to what kinds of related products would be a good fit on the back end.

Taking into consideration the above stated example, if you happen to be marketing an information product like an ebook to the infertility niche, you might be able to come up with your own ebook that perfectly compliments the one you’re selling.

So let’s say you’re marketing an ebook  titled “How to Overcome Infertility Naturally”, a complimentary fit might be an ebook called “Yoga Moves for Infertility”.

This will allow you to keep selling the original book, but now in addition to that offer you can upsell your list with this accompanying book.

To really see the potential, let’s throw some numbers out there.

Let’s say that hypothetically your list has about 500 people on it right now. Your complimentary ebook is priced at $19.95, and you send an email out to your list (which takes less than 5 minutes).

If 150 people on your list purchase your ebook, you just made a quick $2992.50 for one email and that is why building a list of subscribers is so important when it comes to making money as an internet marketer.

Even if you had to outsource the writing of the book, your profits may be a little lower, but what if your email yielded a higher return on investment?

You’re potential could end up being a lot higher!

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  • In my opinion when discussing the value of a list it is very important to clarify that the quality of that list is what ensures you receive profits from your campaign(s).

    For example you would not send a web hosting offer to a list that signed up for auto insurance information. List segregation is very important if you are a marketer working within different niches.

    Otherwise I agree completely with your post.

  • Hey – fabulous on the net, just looking available some online, as being a very useful platform you could be using. I’m presently using WordPress for a few of my details but looking to improve one of them by means of to a platform equivalent to yours currently being a trial run. Anything in precise you’d recommend about it?

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