Promoting Clickbank Products Can Be Tricky If You Don't Know What to Look For

Everytime you visit the clickbank marketplace in search of a product to promote, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and easily enticed into promoting any and everything.

However if you want to cut down the time it takes to go from promotion to profits when it comes to promoting clickbank products, you will have to be more selective.

Super affiliate marketers are very picky about what they will promote and will not buy advertising or create sites to drive traffic to if the product under consideration does not meet certain criteria.

Here are some of the criteria that you should look out for that can help you save time and pick profitable clickbank products to promote.

1. Is there a demand in the market for the product?

One indicator that clickbank provides is something called a “gravity score”. This score can give you an idea as to whether or not you can make money promoting the product.

A high score of 50-100 is usually a decent indicator of products that are converting without too much competition.

2. Persuasive sales copy

The sales copy and the design of the website are the presentation of the business you’re choosing to recommend and represent. So make sure that the layout of the copy and the look are persuasive enough to encourage your prospects to buy.

Would you buy the product? Does the website convey professionalism?

3. Outside links

If you want to make sure that you get paid for the sales you make it’s important that there is only one method of payment that you’ll get the credit for.

Links to blogs, articles, member login areas and adsense will siphon your traffic away from the offer and cost you sales.

The traffic you send to the sales page should have one focus and that is to buy the product.

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