Non Stop Blog Traffic Lesson One

Welcome to the first blog traffic lesson.

Before we get into the specifics regarding the methods for getting unlimited Non Stop blog traffic we have to address some basic issues first.

You’ll probably think that what I’m sharing with you is simple ‘common sense’ but as you know… common sense isn’t so… common.

So here we go…

Traffic is obviously a very critical ingredient that can make or break the success of any enterprise that is doing business online.

But in all honesty I have to tell you that not all traffic is ‘created equal’.

There are actually some forms of traffic that are just plain garbage.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time chasing after prospects who don’t want to hear what you have to say or care about what you’re selling.

FYI: there are places you can go on the internet to purchase loads of ‘hits’ but at the end of the day it’s people that buy products and join your email list… not ‘hits’.

Make sense?

Of course it does. It’s ‘common sense’ no?

So the first takeaway from our brief introduction is this…

Untargeted traffic will not make you money!

What you REALLY need

What you really need to generate the kind of traffic that converts into subscribers and customers are… laser targeted prospects.

To do this you will need to know where the prospects who are looking for what you have to offer hangout.

The sooner you can identify ¬†their ‘watering hole’, the faster you will be able to generate high quality leads that are looking for your blog.

The burning question is: “Where do you look?”

There are literally hundreds of ways to generate traffic to your website.

Ways like:

Search engine optimization

Feeder sites

Pay Per Click

Sponsored Ads… etc. just to name a few…

… but you’re going to see how you can setup a system that will generate a flow of Non Stop Traffic to your blog for the astoundingly low cost of FREE.

But there is something else that you should know before I invite you to take this journey to non-stop unlimited traffic.

Building the kind of non stop traffic system I’m going to show you does not happen overnight.

And considering the ‘witch hunt’ Google is on, you don’t want it to be.

What we’re interested in is a solid lasting traffic machine that will consistently generate loads of targeted visitors to your blog regardless of what changes the search engines make to their algorithms.

Sound good? Excellent.

In the next lesson, we’re going to talk about the…

6 Critical Steps You Must Take To Make Free Traffic Work