NonStop Blog Traffic Lesson Four

Article Marketing – 3 Main Components of An Effective Article or Blog Post

In today’s lesson we’re going to break down the 3 components of writing an effective article that will work overtime for you to bring in sales and subscribers on autopilot.

Why are we spending time on this you ask?

What hath this topic to do with generating unlimited blog traffic you ask?

Perhaps I can help you to understand the answer to those questions by borrowing a scene from The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita.

If you for some unknown reason you did not get a chance to see that movie, the basic premise for the film is that of a young kid who has a problem with bullies in his school and wants to learn how to defend himself.

He (Ralph Macchio) comes into contact with an elderly man who offers to teach him karate.

The problem is that the teacher’s method of instruction is a bit unorthodox and at one point the young student starts to feel disillusioned and frustrated with his training because he doesn’t fully get the connection between the teacher’s style of instruction and the fundamental elements of karate.

It isn’t until the young impatient student decides to give up and walk away that the elderly teacher begins to give him commands while attempting to strike the student that the student suddenly becomes aware of the value of his training as he begins to defend himself using the fundamentals he had been learning all along.

It’s the same deal here my friend.

If I just show you how and where to get quality traffic, but if your article content is less than interesting, relevant and captivating, what I tell you will bear little to no results.

So be patient and put this information to use so that your traffic and conversions will increase simultaneously.

Now, ¬†getting back to our regularly scheduled program…

The three main components of writing an effective article or blog post are:

  • The Article Title
  • The Article Description
  • The Article Body

The Article Title

The first thing your reader will see is your article title, that being the case, your article title is an exceptionally important part of your article.


Because the title of your article serves the same purpose for your article or blog post as a headline does for a sales letter.

Your title needs to captivate your reader, get their attention and prompt them to read further.

To accomplish this goal your article title needs to be irresistible enough to create a strong enough level of curiosity, desire or both to compel your reader to stop in their tracks and continue reading the entire post/article.

The Article Description

When article directories and social media sites accept your content in their database, typically your title shows and possibly your description or the first paragraph within your article content will show as well.

This is one of the few reasons why that first paragraph is so important. It not only works to describe what your article is about, but just like the title or header, it also needs to work to motivate your reader to continue reading.

The Article Body

The remainder of your article should compel the reader to keep reading the entire article.

You don’t want to take for granted or assume that your title and initial paragraph are good enough to make the reader keep reading the entire article or post.

You still need to take care to create content that most directly addresses the topic of your article.

Keep your content interesting and on topic.

Use short paragraphs and limit your article body content to 500 words minimum.

Your article or blog post needs to…

  • Use a clear and direct title that captures attention instantly.
  • Clearly describe the topic of your article in the first paragraph.
  • Continue leading your reader through the body of your article to the end.
  • Provide a closing paragraph or statement to satisfy the reader enough to prompt them to read the resource box at the end of your article.
  • Include a resource box that compels your reader to click on a link that offers free information in the form of a free report, ebook, video, tutorial, course or something else relevant to the topic of your article.

By taking care to apply the information I’m sharing with you, not only will you attract a higher quality of visitors to your website but your content will attract links from around the web.

Imagine passively getting hundreds of links from around the web while simultaneously and strategically placing your content on high traffic websites.

You may even get some ezine (electronic newsletter) owners who typically have very tightly targeted and responsive lists to pick up your content and share it with their readers.

More link love and increased exposure… to the right people.

In the next lesson we’re going to talk about…

How To Give Them Just Enough To Want More