NonStop Blog Traffic Lesson Nine

Validating and Communicating With Other Marketers In Your Market a.k.a Blog Commenting

Imagine standing in the middle of a room full of people.

All eyes are focused on you.

You start to give a speech that is relevant to the interests of those people but…

Nobody listened.

Would you have the gumption to keep speaking or would you just give up and walk away?

That’s what it can feel like when you blog.

It isn’t until someone comments on your post that you begin to feel validated and see a purpose for not giving up.

This is just one of the benefits of commenting on other people’s blogs.

The key is to comment on blogs that are related to your market’s interests because you can easily begin to establish your own footing in the marketplace next to the giants who are already there.

Just by making a comment on their blog.

So the first thing to do in order to apply this traffic generation strategy effectively is scout out the players in your market and look to see if they have a blog that you can comment on.

The next step is to set up a schedule for commenting regularly on these blogs.


By regularly commenting on blogs that are managed by the thought leaders in your market you are…

1. Showing support for that individual

2. Opening up an opportunity for dialogue between you and the players in your market

3. Attracting what is more than likely buyer traffic from their blog to your blog

Showing Support

The saying: “Great minds think alike” comes to mind here.

When the thought leaders and authority figures in your market see that you are paying attention to them, you are in effect validating them.

Val-i-date: to recognize, establish, or illustrate the worthiness or legitimacy of

The desire to reciprocate may develop.

Re-ci-pro-cate: to do (something) for or to someone who has done something similar for or to you

Opportunity for Dialogue

Depending on the depth of your comment as it relates to the post that you’re commenting on, the chances of receiving a response from an already established player in your market on your blog is very real.

A response from an authority figure in your market on your blog can give you the social proof you need to establish yourself as a player.

This can also lead to possible joint venture opportunities in the future.

Attract Buyer Traffic

Most of the big players in your niche recognize the value of a blog as an email marketing tool.

The majority of the comments on an authority site are from individuals who have bought products created by the site owner and as such are on their buyers list.

This means that a well thought out and meaningful comment that adds value to the post you’re commenting on can attract some of those buyers over to your blog.

This is huge because depending on how well targeted the content and offers on your blog are to your market, you could see a stiff increase in your conversion rates.

In Order For Commenting To Work…

How close would you say you have to be to someone before that person will even think of considering you as a friend or a faithful supporter?

Well you would probably have to communicate regularly with that person for them to develop that kind of feeling right?

Regularity is the main ingredient for developing relationships with the players in your market.

What I’m trying to stress here is that blog commenting is about more than just getting back links.

A well thought out and relevant comment will have a far more beneficial effect when it comes to attracting laser targeted buyers to your blog than a thousand back links.

Plus, the long term value of contributing meaningful and helpful insights in your market place with the players in your market will continue to attract a higher quality of traffic to your blog for a very long time.

It’s actually pretty exciting when you stop and think about it for a moment because it doesn’t cost anything to do.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is totally free.

In the last lesson I mentioned blocking out 30 minutes to an hour for posting on forums.

You can set up a similar schedule for blog commenting.

Remember to keep it simple and it will be very easy to manage.

One last thing that will help you to get as much traffic as you can from the post you choose to comment on is to get your comment in as early as possible.

The earlier you can post a comment the better your visibility will be in the long line of comments that are most likely to follow.

In the next lesson I’m going to share with you the creme de la creme of blog traffic generation.

creme de la creme: the very best

Without this you’re just flying by the seat of your pants.

Cya there,