NonStop Blog Traffic Lesson Six

The Power of The Press Release

At first glance, press releases may seem a bit intimidating because you need to present your content in a way that is newsworthy in more of a journalistic fashion.

But it’s actually alot easier than it looks, so let’s get to it.

As I just mentioned a moment ago, a press release is a news story that either announces an event, an award, discounts, sales and even newsworthy items relating to your company or in this case, your website or blog.

With Press Releases you can reach out to a ridiculously larger market more so than any other form of advertising.

If your story or announcement gets picked up by a major news network, your could find yourself getting a flood of instant traffic that is highly targeted.

But before your press release can be circulated to your target market, it needs to pass the approval of editors, which means that your press release should be structured so it appears to look more like news rather than a sales pitch.

Traditionally, a well structured press release should not consist of more than a single page.

A press release that addresses the fundamental aspect of what people are looking for (how it benefits them) will outperform any other kind, so keep it concise, comprehensive and highly targeted so that it communicates directly with your customer base.

The introductory portion of your press release will typically include the words: “For Immediate Release” and should include a specific date as to when publication is expected.

You could use the “For Release Before…” date or “For Release After…” date. Most people use the “For Immediate Release” option.

Here’s a simple breakdown for creating an effective press release...


This will be the most important part of the press release, so plan to spend a great deal of time on it. You want to grab the reader instantly with it, so they’ll be interested in reading the rest of the release.

Try to focus on incorporating powerful, action driven words within your headline, such as:

  • Announcing!
  • Secret
  • Free
  • Discover
  • Strategies
  • Success
  • Shocking


The summary simply offers a snippet of what your Press Release is about.

It’s like taking your entire press release and describing it in four sentences or less.

It should work in a similar way that your title does, in terms of catching your readers attention and luring them in, so keep it direct and strong.


The body content of your press release serves as the information lifeline that provides all of the information needed for your reader to clearly understand your message.

The thing to remember is that your press release should be designed in a similar format as a journalistic style news story, so that the most important element is featured first.

The reason for this is because once your headline pulls your readers into your release, you need to keep them there, so they’ll read through the rest of it or read the most important facts before moving on. The last couple of paragraphs within the body of your  press release should tie everything together.

It reminds your readers about the purpose of the press release.

At the end of your press release, you need a way to signify that there’s no more.

To do that you can use a symbol that looks like this…


There are two ways you can submit your press releases…

In either case each option will give you an opportunity to build high quality backlinks to your blog or website and attract ultra-targeted traffic.

The first option is to use paid press release submission sites like:



The second option is to Google “free press release sites” and you will get a long list of sites you can use to submit your press releases to at no cost to you except your time.

The easiest way to get a feel for writing press releases is to visit one of the sites mentioned above and have a look at press releases that have been written for sites competing for attention in your market.

The next lesson is going to cover a very effective method for tapping into some  of the most ultra-targeted buyer traffic on the internet.

Cya then.