NonStop Blog Traffic Lesson Ten

The Most Effective Way To Increase Blog Traffic & Conversion – Email Marketing

Let us begin this lesson with a quote from a very famous individual…

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”
― Thomas Edison

My son loves the movie “How To Train Your Dragon”. To be quite honest with you I wasn’t really into it but there was one particular scene in the movie that really caught my attention and it applies so well to what I’m about to share with you today.

In this particular scene the young would-be hero of the story manages to do something that no one else in his village has ever been able to do.

He invents a contraption that somehow manages to bring down one of the most powerful and fearsome dragons known for wiping out villages very much like his own.

When he goes off to investigate where this dragon has fallen, he eventually finds it and it’s during this scene that I found myself completely engulfed and interested in the process that soon folows.

What begins is a relationship building process that spans over a few days.

It starts with just being able to be in the same place at the same time and slowly develops into a friendship that ultimately allows him to harness and ride the dragon into even bigger adventures.

It’s the process in between making the initial contact and him being able to ride the dragon that we can say is the ‘work’ in Thomas Edison’s quote.

Your typical blogging beginner simply posts until he is blue in the face, sprinkles all kinds of affiliate ads everywhere and then hopes for the best pretty much.

He may make a sale every once in awhile but never generate a significant amount of income because he doesn’t have a relationship building mechanism in place to benefit from all the traffic he’s getting.

So he just keeps posting with the hope that he’ll get just enough traffic to start making some real money soon, but the fact is… it ain’t gonna happen.

Now let’s stop and look at this from a brick and mortar perspective.

If you owned a business that relied 100% on new customers to generate revenue, how much money would it cost you to stay in business?

Unless you’ve got an advertising budget that would allow you to purchase a 30 second spot during the superbowl for $4 million dollars, chances are your business would be out of business very quickly.

Can you see why email marketing is the best solution for increasing the conversion potential of your blog?

Here are just a few benefits of building a list of subscribers from your blog…

  • Build credibility with your visitors
  • Get better acquainted with your target market
  • Increase your visitors exposure to your brand
  • Promote products or create offers that are laser targeted to your market based on your relationship with them
  • Double your income opportunities with the same traffic

Building a list off of your blog is the smartest way to capitalize on your traffic.

In addition to the benefits I laid out above, the biggest benefit is that you can automate the process.

Imagine setting up a system that will give you the freedom to build a relationship and profit from solutions they are looking for.

That’s what the power of email marketing can do for your blog.

Make sense?


In the next lesson I’m going to share a couple of easy ways you can get the conversation going with your readers to break the ice and pre-qualify them as potential clients.

Cya tomorrow,


P.S. If you get a moment, rent (dvd on demand, redbox, netflix or get it from your local library) a copy of  “How To Train Your Dragon” to checkout the scene I’m wafflin’ about.