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In the world we live in today there are no guarantees when it comes to employment. Less than 20 years ago you could think about retiring from the job you had but now…

Retiring from a J-O-B is not such a sure bet as it once was.

Even if you have a job right now, you will more than likely have to take a college course to keep it and even then you still aren’t guaranteed your position.

But even more than that, you may have noticed that lots of businesses are starting to show up online.

Major commercial brands like:

  • Walmart
  • Barnes & Noble
  • At&t
  • Macy’s
  • Enterprise car rental
  • FootLocker
  • Starbucks
  • H&R Block
  • Home Depot

Each of these major brands has made the shift to cyberspace in an effort to capture the massive amount of marketshare that is constantly expanding as we speak.

At one time or another you’ve probably heard of at least one of these companies.

So it only makes sense to start thinking about how you can get your slice of the profit potential that the internet and ecommerce has to offer.

But like anything else that has enormous profit potential there will always be individuals who will try to get their piece at any price.

These individuals typically will setup websites that look like official online news sites designed for the purpose of promoting scams or frauds.

The Federal Trade Commission has recently cracked down on many of these schemes.

These sites are only a small fraction of the enormously larger number of legitimate ecommerce sites in the online shopping community.

According to Miva Merchant, a leading supplier of software and services to small and medium-sized businesses…

“Global e-commerce has recently reached a financial milestone: the trillion dollar mark. Although we all knew it was coming, actually moving beyond this mark makes everyone take notice. This virtual medium has been able to consistently drive revenue throughout the past 5 years with an average growth rate of 13%. No other industry has been able to match the numbers found in international e-commerce.”

In a nutsell, this represents a tremendous opportunity for the average person to build a legitimate business online and position themselves to maintain a firmer grip on the income they produce.


Beware of these myths that are commonly associated with scam sites.


Myth #1 “Make Money Instantly!” – Statements like these are geared to appeal to individuals who are desperate for a quick fix to their financial situation and often lead to disappointment. These kinds of statements typically imply that little work or thought is involved.

The fact is – While some methods of making money online are faster than others, there is work involved. It’s important to remember that a business of any kind is still a business and will require the necessary commitment and dedication needed to see any real real return on investment.

Myth #2 “Turn Your Computer Into Your Personal ATM!” – This particular statement implies that building an online business is as simple as set it and forget it.

The fact is – As mentioned above a business of any kind requires commitment and dedication. Most sales pitches that begin with statements of this nature are designed to benefit the seller moreso than the consumer.

Myth #3 “Make Money Without Spending A Dime” – While it is true that the cost of running an online business is exceptionally low, there are still costs involved.

The fact is – Although an individual can start an online business for next to nothing, the cost of owning and maintaining a computer, the necessary software to protect it, and the monthly fee required for internet access have to be considered.

If you choose to take advantage of more advanced internet money making strategies, the cost of a domain, hosting and autoresponder must also be considered. With the latter being recognized as yearly and monthly costs.

Myth #4 “Make Money Typing From Home” – There are literally scores of these home typing opportunities littering the internet. These ads are designed to appeal to individuals who are desperate to quit their job and work from home.

The fact is – Legitimate opportunities of this kind do exist. To find them you will need to do some research and carefully scrutinize the information you compile.

You may wish to contact the company providing the opportunity as well as search for any negative press to protect yourself from becoming a victim of internet fraud.

To truly protect yourself it’s imperative that you do your due diligence regarding any potential internet opportunity you discover.

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