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Make Money Blogging From Home

Blogging started out years ago as a way for people to connect to others and share pictures, stories and experiences. It was considered to be a great personal journal type tool that one could use to leave their mark on the internet through their encounters.

Blogs then evolved to become excellent Marketing Tools as well as a medium to make money off of. There are a few different ways to earn income from blogging.

Here are a few:

Adsense ads‐ The popular search engines offer a way to earn a little extra money with any blog or website. The idea is to place these ads on your site and when a visitor clicks on an ad from your site, you earn a pre‐determined amount of money. The more clicks you can get from your site visitors, the more you can make. There are some rules, so if you choose to go this route, be sure to learn what not to do before signing up for their programs.

Product Reviews‐ There are some websites that you can sign up with that can help you connect with other companies who need people to review their products and get them some exposure on your blogs. Usually the main requirement for this is to have a blog that’s been around for awhile and has a fair amount of visitors. Those companies would pay you a specified amount to review their product on your blog.

Contextual Links‐ Some business or website owners will pay a blogger to post one of their links within their blog posts. It may be the owners themselves contacting the blog author or a company that acts as the middleman. Those businesses will find blogs that relate to their companies sites, so the links provided on the blogs will be search engine friendly. This is a great way to earn some extra traffic for a site.

Sell products‐ Blogs are another way you can sell your own products from. Those who have businesses selling home décor items or food container items use blogs a lot to help sell their products and make more money online.

What skills would be helpful?

There isn’t much skill involved in this type of business except the ability to market your blog. You would want to research blogging as much as possible to learn some of the tricks of the trade to get your blog popular.

What Tools would be needed?

Your main tool, besides a computer with an internet connection, would be a blog. There are many blogging programs out there to choose from. Some are free to set up with, while others require a monthly or annual fee to get started with.

The paid versions of blogging programs can help you connect with other blogs and increase your blog’s traffic. The free versions are extremely easy to set up and most are extremely popular amongst bloggers, so finding people to connect with wouldn’t be too hard to do.

How to get started

Sign up with a blogging program and start posting entries to it. Make sure you’re blogging on a regular basis, which would be about 2 times a week. Blogs that aren’t updated regularly tend to get lost in cyberspace.

Market your blog as much as possible. Get listed on blog directories, get on other people’s blog rolls and comment on other blog author’s posts to get some exposure to your blog. The more traffic you can drive to your blog, the higher your chance of making blogging a lucrative way to make money.

Most of the blogging programs will have a sign up for adsense ads already included in their set up feature, so getting started with that will be easy. If you want to provide product reviews and contextual links, you will want to be blogging for awhile and have a fair amount of traffic coming to it.

When your blog is ready, find the companies that will help you connect with businesses that want to pay to have their products reviewed or have their links embedded with your blog post entries. Once that’s set up, you can start earning some extra income with your blog.

In Summary

Blogging is an easy way to earn some extra cash if you plan to work hard at marketing it. The ones successful at blogging for money use every route possible to get their blog well known in the internet communities. The ones that don’t, tend to earn only a few cents a week.

Become one of the more successful bloggers and make your blog your business and not just a hobby to partake in once in awhile. Your pocketbook will thank you for it.

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