Creating A Membership Site – Your Members And Your Membership Software



There’s 2 more things I want to talk to you about before we wrap up this course and that is building your members list and using the right membership software for the job.

Building Your Members List

You need an autoresponder. There are dozens and dozens to choose from. GetResponse is one and Aweber is another. The cost of an autoresponder is somewhere between $0 and $20 a month. We don’t recommend using a free service.

Usually free autoresponder services include their own logo with each message you send and the number of messages that you can send is also usually limited. A paid service doesn’t cost that much so go with a paid service. We will say that you are going to spend about $10 a month for an autoresponder.

That means that your cost for a year will be $120. You now have a domain name, a website, hosting and an auto responder and you have $250 left. No sweat!

Membership Software

Now you need a membership script. There are membership scripts that cost big bucks and there are membership scripts that cost little bucks. Since we are trying to build this membership site for under $500, let’s say that you are going to pay $200 for a membership script and you can certainly find membership scripts for $200 or even less that will adequately supply your needs.

You can get one good membership software for under $200 at:

OK…You have everything you need for your membership site and you still have $50 left. Spend that on advertising. You will get some free advertising with your site building software but you will want to add to it.

Now you are the proud owner of your very own membership website!

We’ve now reached the end of this  intensive membership site creation crash course and I hope you’ve picked up a lot good ideas from it.

Setting up your membership site is not hard and there is a lot of money to be made in the long run.

You don’t have to rely solely on them, and they can compliment your single-sale products, but putting one together is the first step you must take.

Without it, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table and slowing down your progress.

Would you like to get step-by-step details about everything we’ve discussed, including all the popular membership scripts, the type of memberships you can create, what sort of content to create, where to source it from and much more? If you haven’t already checked out the site, then take one last look at how this recommended resource can help you achieve your goals.

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