Serious Changes Coming For

Hey ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages! Gather round because I’ve got some breaking news for you.

There are going to be some major changes happening to this blog and the reason why is because there needs to be.

Over the past few months, I have been seriously reviewing what is going on in the internet marketing niche and how I have positioned myself within it.

To be brutally honest with you… I don’t like what I see.


What I mean is that first of all the continual load of crap that is being peddled in this industry is strangling any potential for real profit and not just for me, but for anyone who chooses to get involved with this niche/market.

Second, I have noticed that I along with many other unsuspecting people have been positioning ourselves in a way that further supports the crap in this market, although we may not agree with the shenanigans that we see going on around us.

So here’s what’s going to happen shortly…

1. I will be condensing many of the posts on this blog into more concise and easy to read pages that get to the point faster.

2. I will be considering the use of a new theme that will be able to support what it is I wish to accomplish.

3. While I enjoy the simplicity of the affiliate marketing business model, I’m going to be moving further and further away from it.

In my soon to be released ‘manifesto’ I will explain in detail why these changes have to be made and why the average person who chooses to enter this market won’t stand a chance if they operate according to the same standards everyone else is using to try to ‘take’ money from this market.

So please regard this post as a quick heads up to what’s coming in the very near future.

The next time you visit it may look a bit different than you what you see right now.

Talk soon,



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