Should You Use Single or Double Opt-in To Build Your List?

This question has been hotly debated since newsletters and ezines started being used as a way to build value for email subscribers.

Do I use a  single or double opt-in for my newsletter?

Well, let’s first go over how each type works before we tackle that question.

Single opt-in is where you send a subscriber to an opt-in box where they plug in their email and name and click submit. From that very moment that they hit that submit button they are automatically subscribed to your e-zine.

Double opt-in takes it a step farther.

After they fill in their information and hit the submit button, they will then get what is called a confirmation email sent to their in box. In order to get into your e-zine or newsletter as a subscriber, they have to click a link in that  confirmation email, otherwise, they are not subscribed to your e-zine.

That is the difference between single and double opt-in.

Now, to those of you who are new to this game, you might be thinking
that double opt-in is an extra, useless step that only makes it harder
for people to opt-in.

What if they don’t get their email? What if they don’t know how to click on the link? What if they’re afraid to click on the link because of a virus or Trojan or something?

What it they give a phony email address?

Ah, that could be a problem eh?

Unfortunately, many people out there want something for nothing. If
you offer an e-zine, especially if you are offering a free gift for people
who sign up, you are going to get a certain percentage who will give a
phony email address just to get to the download page where they can
get their free gift.

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, that’s not so terrible. So they got
a free gift out of me? So what?”

Well, there’s still one more problem with this scenario. See, not only
did they get the free gift out of you but they also gave you a phony
email address. Remember that?

But what if it’s NOT a phony address? It may not be THEIR email address, but it MAY belong to somebody else.

Are the lights coming on a little bit more?

What do you think is going to happen when this person, whoever they
are, a person who doesn’t know you or your e-zine from Adam, gets
YOUR e-zine in THEIR email?

Can you say “SPAM?”

And they would be perfectly within their rights. Remember, they
didn’t ask for your e-zine to be sent to them so as far as they are
concerned, it IS spam.

In other words, with single opt-in, you are risking having your
business shut down because of spam complaints.

Yes, with double opt-in you are going to lose some potential subscribers because they either won’t want to click on the link, don’t know how to click on a link, or don’t even get your email. But if you’re using a good autoresponder service, the problem of email delivery is the last thing you have to worry about.

Naturally, it’s your decision to use either single or double opt-in. I just
personally don’t recommend using single opt-in as it opens up the
potential for way too many problems.

It’s tough enough as it is when you’re just getting started.

In The Trenches With You,


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