Small Business Marketing Tips For Local Offline Businesses

small business marketing1Are you an owner of a small business in your area?

Do you want to take advantage of the internet but aren’t quite sure how?

Here are some simple tips that I can offer you that can get you started online quickly.

Know who your specific target within your community is.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Why should people do business with you instead of the company down the street?

When designing your website it’s important that what makes your company unique immediately stands out to your prospective customers.

Can you give them a sample or free consultation of what your business has to offer?

Think of  what those restaurants in the food court of your local mall do.

They let prospects get a taste or sample of their flagship product and as simplistic as the strategy looks… it works.

It’s effective because…

1. They are already positioned where the traffic is… the food court. Target… hungry people.

2. Even if a person didn’t have a taste at first for that kind of food… once they take a bite it can immediately cause a person to have a change of heart and go with that particular restaurant instead.

Can you say cha-ching?

How about creating a newsletter filled with valuable information others are reluctant to share freely?

With the internet you can deliver the information via email using an autresponder so you don’t have to manually send the messages yourself.

My mom used to say to me all the time: “you have to give to get”.

This is especially the case in business.

If you want your customers to remember you the next time they need the service you offer, you have to give them a really good reason outside of the fact that you exist.

With this type of strategy you can…

1. Turn new prospects into first time buyers.

2. Turn first time buyers into repeat customers.

Take a good look at your business and try to think of simple yet creative ways to take advantage of these tips.

The internet can help you to develop a community around your prospects and customers which can give you an amazing advantage over your competitors.

To your small business success,


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