Social Bookmarking Websites – Build backlinks faster and get instant traffic

Social bookmarking websites are exploding all over the web giving internet marketers a huge opportunity to build massive backlinks to their websites in very short period of time.

Social bookmarking sites like Digg,, and Technorati are giving users an opportunity to employ one of the most powerful methods of online advertising using viral marketing. As users post their links to sites they like, other readers can grab those links and post them to their own lists giving marketers an opportunity to enjoy the power of viral traffic generation.

One of the biggest attractions to using social bookmarking websites like Digg is the fact that a tremendous amount of traffic frequents these sites on a daily and monthly basis.

If you are diligent about your keyword research and have the ability to craft a newsworthy article, your potential for a massive spike in traffic can be instantaneous.

While creating newsworthy content certainly has its’ benefits, what if your content isn’t newsworthy is it still worth it to go ahead and bookmark your sites?

Absolutely. Due to the high page rank these sites enjoy, you can still benefit from social bookmarking your website as the search engines see these incoming links as votes for your website from these high powered sites.

It’s important to note that the page rank for the social bookmarking site linking back to you may not be passed if there is a nofollow tag associated with the link, but you can still siphon some of the traffic from the site into yours giving you an opportunity to get some immediate traffic.

The very nature of social bookmarking sites is that they are indeed “social” so it’s important to link to other sites that are not yours as a way of contributing to the community.

More backlinks means more traffic and social bookmarking websites provide a very simple solution for achieving a larger number of backlinks faster while supplying instant traffic at the same time.

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Fernando Morales is an internet and affiliate marketing coach, consultant and editor of the No Gurus Necessary internet marketing newsletter.

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