Super Affiliate Marketing: Analysis of The Presell

In the not too distant past I wrote an article about preselling, a secret weapon super affiliates know how to use quite effectively.

Well today I’m going to walk you through an analysis of an effective presell for an offer that was at one time heavily promoted by everybody and there brother when it first came out.

This message arrived in my inbox and I thought it was a good example of what effective preselling is about.

[Begin Review]

( For starters the subject line appeals to a desire anyone using article marketing would want, article marketers will open this email)

The subject line: How To Put Your Article Marketing On Steroids!

(The recipient is addressed with a targeted greeting)

Dear article marketer,

I will get right to the point here:

(By getting to the point, the reader is encouraged to keep reading)

It is a proven fact that article marketing is an extremely effective way to market affiliate products online, and it is possible  to make $500 and more daily just from article marketing.

(Here the message highlights the desired outcome from this activity and subtly magnifies the benefit of article marketing)

However, the only drawback is that it takes time, and quite frankly writing is a pain in the ***. (at least for me)

(Instead of going on about how great article marketing is the reader is made aware of a common problem a “hot button” that many article marketers face)

That is why for some time I have  been trying to find a decent article writing and submission tool, and could never seem to find one that was any good.

(The marketer makes an effort to relate to the reader and gain common ground)

(At this point the marketer has identified the pain and continues to push the hot buttons by aggravating the pain)

(Now it’s time to set the stage for the product introduction and the best way to accomplish this is to get you to relate to the product creator)

A good friend of mine was going through the same battle and like most of us Adeel Chowdry always wanted something better, something useful, and more importantly, something that actually WORKED.

(Wow, you mean it works? hmmm)

That is where the Mass Article Control software was “born”

(By the time the product is introduced the reader is a little more than intrigued to learn more)

=> Grab Mass Article Control Here

(If you’ll notice there were no links up to this point, because the marketer hadn’t created enough desire yet)

What he came up with was nothing short of “brilliant”. With this software, you’ll be able to create literally 1,000’s of unqiue, fresh and READABLE articles from one tiny, little article.

(If you weren’t ready to click on the link after the introduction  you should probably be fumbling with your mouse to click after this line!)

=> Grab Mass Article Control Here

Can you imagine the power behind this? Imagine having 1,000 unique articles floating around on the internet, all stemming from  one, tiny article.

(At this point in the copy, the marketer is going for the jugular, your credit card should be trembling with excitement, anxious for the opportunity to get CHARGED)

What if you already have tons of articles out there? Use this to make thousands more!

(Now it’s time to fan the flame and bring this baby home can you feel the anticipation?)

PLR articles? No problem! Run them through Adeel’s incredible   software and knock out more articles than you could ever  dream of, all without taking any time to rewrite!

=> Grab Mass Article Control Here

(Interestingly enough there is no hard sell approach in this email which keeps you relaxed enough to read it through without any direct pressure from the marketer… until…)

Adeel is only letting this software go for a limited time. And,  when I say limited, I sincerely mean LIMITED.

(Oh no, you mean this product is only going to be available til tomorrow? What am I gonna do? I gotta have it!)

So, if you’re looking for that “all-in-one” piece of software,  this is what you’ve been looking for. Get this, and you’ll  never need another software that fills you up with “hopes  and wishes”.

(Notice the light nudge to get the prospect to take action and then the copy goes back to painting a picture of the possible pleasure the prospect will enjoy as a result of making the “right” decision to buy this software)

Take your article marketing to the next level by tripling your  output, without tripling your time! Don’t work harder, work smarter, and you’ll see how your life can change…

=> Grab Mass Article Control Here

To your success,

(The close is geared toward helping you to see the positive effects of your decision to purchase and ending with an air of  encouragement, positive expectation and possibility)

[End of review]

What do you think? Was that presell pretty decent? Did I cover all the bases? Please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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