Targeted Internet Marketing The Secret To Giving Your Customers What They Want

Targeted Internet Marketing means making money without speculating.

Ever see a t.v. commercial or hear an ad on the radio and wonder how they knew what area you lived in?

You’ve most likely seen lots of advertising that presented locations of a certain business in your area. For instance if you live in New York how is that the Home Depot commercial you just saw, didn’t tell you that they have locations in Wyoming?

This is because they are making use of what is known in the advertising and marketing industry as targeted advertising. So how does targeted internet marketing help you to generate income online?

What Is Targeted Internet Marketing?

Targeted internet marketing is about matching associated, relevant and sought after products with people who are searching for them.

This is how market research and keyword research come into play and can virtually make or break your business from the very start.

A typical mistake that beginner internet marketers make is trying to circumvent these most vital factors of the internet marketing process.

If this is you, don’t feel bad because I did this in the beginning too. That’s what qualifies me to write this post. No I’m not a genius, I had to learn the hard way.

Too Much Competition or Do Your Ads Just Suck?

Many times one of the biggest complaints you’ll hear when it comes to internet marketing is that there is an excessive amount of competition. The reality is that if your advertising and promotional efforts are not targeted at the appropriate individuals, you will be hard pressed to find any significant amount of buyers for your products and services.

It’s the equivalent of selling sand in the desert or ice to Eskimos. Just think about that for a second. Do you think that and Eskimo wouldn’t mind some warm weather every now and then on a sandy beach? It is a sure bet that if you presented a thirsty traveler in the desert a tall glass of water with ice in it that you could most likely name your price and they would be delighted to pay it.

The same principle applies to targeted internet marketing.

Being familiar with who your target market is and what their principal motivations are can go a long way when it comes to making sales on the internet irrespective of how much competition there is.

Motives + Keywords = $$

When going about your keyword research you have to do more than just take into account what the number of searches for a particular keyword or phrase is each month, you also have to take into account the motive for typing in a particular phrase to determine whether or not a searcher is in research mode or buying mode.

Once you can realistically figure out what and more importantly why someone is searching for a particular product or service you will then be in a better position to relate with your potential clients through the content that you create.

Targeted internet marketing is a skillset that can literally make you wealthy. This is precisely how the top internet marketers on the internet are able to sell virtually anything to anyone.

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