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Hey what’s up everybody?

It’s been a little while and to be quite honest with you I decided to take a little break from the blog for a minute.

If there is one thing you have to do once in awhile it’s take a break.

Give your brain a chance to air out a little bit and let the dust settle.

These moments give me a chance to take a step back and see where it is I want to go and whether or not the direction I’m going in is taking me closer or farther away from where I want to be.

Well one question that I’ve been getting a lot is: “dude, what theme are you using?”

The theme I’m using is the ‘Plainscape’ Theme.

There are a lot of cool themes out there that you can use but I wanted something that was clean and didn’t present too many distractions.

I created my header using photoshop to brand it and give it a more personal feel.

Do you know how to create headers for your blog in photoshop? Would you like me to show you? Just leave a comment at the end of this post.

I also made a modification to the pages.php section so that I could create full page width pages without sidebars to eliminate distractions.

These can be used to set up sales pages or simply provide more in-depth information about a particular topic.

Recently I decided to venture into some new territory to go a little deeper behind the scenes as to how this internet marketing thing works and let me tell you… I found waaay more than I expected to find.

Some good and some… interesting to say the least.

However there was one unanimous piece of advice that rang clear from the information that I’ve uncovered and that’s this…

It is alot easier to make money online than you think.

I’ve been testing some very simple formulas of my own that are producing very interesting results.

Would you like me to tell you about them? Let me know.

Anyway that’s what’s been going on with me. I am also in the creation stages of a new affiliate product that will feature case studies and outline some of my findings that I mentioned previously.

Well that’s it for the moment, I’m in the process of time blocking to increase my productivity and writing this post is not part of the process for what I’m doing right now, but I didn’t want you to think nobody was home.

I’ll report back to you soon and if you would like to know more about how I’ve custom tailored this theme just give me a shout below.

Until –

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