The Overcomplicated Marketing Formula That's not complicated at all

With all of the make money products online that you could get your hands on, it’s no wonder why so many people suffer from information overload and don’t make any money.

The problem is that the underlying formula for creating a profitable business online has been covered up and discounted by the many other business models that exist. With that said, here is an interesting article that will expose the simple proven formula for making money online as written by a very talented and successful marketer.

The Simple, Proven Marketing Formula for Getting Cash from the Internet

by Derrick VanDyke · June 27, 2009

If you’re a successful marketer making five figures per month, then this article is NOT for you.But if you’re still struggling to make a full-time income, or any income online, then this article is definitely for you.

If you’re not making money yet, why not?

Are you over complicating things?

Have you failed to stay focused on the plan?

Do you HAVE a plan?

See, making money is NOT hard. You just need to FOCUS on a

SIMPLE PLAN that’s been PROVEN to work.

Focus => simple => proven => plan

If you haven’t done this yet, then you’re really missing the point of the whole “make money online” thing. It’s not about big paydays. It’s about building an online business.

Copywriters will tell you not to use the word “build” in your sales copy because it implies the four-letter word “work” and people don’t want to work.

I mean, the “Internet Lifestyle” is supposed to be about freedom, right? Walking on the beach while money pours into your bank account…?

What the gurus don’t tell you is that they had to work hard for years to get where they are today…

So let’s stay focused on the PLAN, okay?

Step #1: Target a hungry marketing with money to spend. You want to find people who are desperate for a solution to their problem(s). Anything come to mind?

Step #2: You find out what they want to buy. You can do this with my “Survey Squeeze Page” technique and visit forums and groups to find the hot topics people are discussing.

Step #3: You create a free offer to get them onto your list. If you know what they want, you can give them something that is useful yet incomplete. Meaning, you present the solution that will solve their problem, but they’ll have to buy the product you’re promoting or selling to get all the answers.

Step #4: You follow up and sell stuff. Once you get a hungry prospect on your list, you can sell multiple products and services. These can be your own products or someone else’s. It doesn’t matter. You just sell stuff. Period.

Step #5: Keep driving traffic to the free offer. In other words, keep adding prospects to the top of the marketing funnel and let your autoresponder do the work for you.

This formula works. And if you follow the steps, you can finally take that walk on the beach while your system dumps money into your bank account.


Find out what people desperately want and then give it to them.

It really is THAT simple…


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Derrick VanDyke is the author of Affiliate Cash Secrets. Click here to download his highly acclaimed marketing course.

editor: This really is all there is to making money online, take it and put it to good use.

To your success,


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