The Personification of Money

Money loves speed.

Money loves confidence.

Money runs from procrastination.



Money doesn’t feel anything.

It doesn’t have any emotion and does not discriminate.

Money is not a person.

It’s people that have these feelings and emotions.

It’s people, real live, flesh and blood human beings that discriminate.

So getting to the Money in any market really is about the quality of our communication with people.

Getting to the MONEY involves understanding the people within a specific market or niche and communicating with them in a way that makes them believe there is value in giving you their money in exchange for what you’re providing.

Ok, let’s tone it down a notch, because I have to remind myself of this concept.

Value means different things to different people.

Some may have a more strict and uncompromising view of what value means when it comes to getting money from other people and that’s usually why they can’t get any.

If the bar you set is so high that you can’t jump over it yourself, how will you ever be able to provide the kind of value that warrants the price tag you place on what you’re offering to your market?


If the value being provided is relevant to the needs of the humans (the people WITH the money) then it becomes a little less daunting to make money and it will almost always eclipse the dollar amount we’re charging.

Before long…

PEOPLE will be throwing MONEY at you.

So what now?

Go make some money.


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