The Secret To Dominating Google They Are Hiding From You!

First of all, who are they and why are they hiding this secret from you?

Well let’s just say they are the ones you keep forking over your hard earned cash to every time some glitch, loophole or tactic is discovered.

My friend let me tell you, there are about 101 ways to game the big “G” but just about every one of them is temporary and that’s why so many tactics and loopholes are being sold every day.

The untold truth is that the majority of tactics, glitches and loopholes you hear about are virtually worn out by the time they hit the market. So this means that by the time you’ve finished sinking some more hard earned dough into someone else’s pocket, the product you’ve just bought is practically obsolete.

Yeah, I know, that really sucks, but all is not lost.

Here’s the skinny on this BIG secret to dominating Google and it has nothing to do with getting a million backlinks from web 2.0 sites or link wheels, cart wheels, big wheels or anything like that (although they do play an important role).

The secret to dominating the search engines, especially Google is to…

Give them what they want. TADA!

Confused? Don’t be. What they want is high quality, relevant and UNIQUE content!

That’s it. It’s really no secret when you think about it, but every new tactic, loophole and glitch is just a way of reframing the truth in order to sell products. That in itself may not necessarily be all that bad IF what you have to offer delivers on it’s promise to do whatever you say it does.

All it takes on your part is a bit of keyword research in order to attract the most targeted visitors to your website and relevant, unique content containing said keywords within your articles, blog posts or sales copy.

You can actually get away with building a minimal amount of backlinks to your site provided that each of the sites you choose to use contains original unique content with relevant in-context backlinks pointing to the site you’re looking to get ranked in the search engines.

The fact is that it takes time to accomplish a high quality network of unique relevant content pointing back to your website and most people are strapped for time and cash which is why autoblogging is such a hot topic right now.

There are a slew of new autoblogging products on the market right now with more on the way and it’s because people are looking for faster, easier ways to accomplish high quality content networks for dominating Google without having to spend hours trying to do it from scratch.

Dominating Google is a product that effectively outlines how to use real world seo tactics for getting high search engine rankings and it has received rave reviews by many of the internets’ most respected marketers because the information is practical, it works and is actually used by the marketer who put it together.


What do you think? Are you an SEO addict like me? Care to share your experience? Please leave a comment below…

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