Time Keeps On Slipping…

Time waits for No man or woman.

It just keeps trekking forward ceaselessly and somewhat mercilessly.

In the wide world of sports, athletes put their hands together to form a “T” requesting a “time out.”

Although the game may pause for a minute or two…

Time keeps right on ticking with no regard for the rules.

Sounds like I’m gettin kinda beatnik doesn’t it?

The point is that unless you’re stingy with your time, you could be allowing others to steal away your present opportunity for future success.

Let’s face it…

There are people out there who just don’t respect other people’s time.

They’re the kind of people who will keep talking even after you tell that you don’t have time to talk.

Know anyone like that?

For some of us, the trouble is that we’re trying so hard to show respect for someone who is trying to communicate with us even though they’re flat out disrespecting OUR time.

Sometimes those people are our friends and family.

Putting the pieces together that make for a profitable online business just doesn’t seem like REAL business to them.

So they barge in, interrupt and flat out demand that you stop whatever you’re doing and give them 100% of your attention.

But the fact is, if you were working for a BOSS outside of your home, they would be a little more considerate when it comes to your time because to them…

Being at work somewhere else means you’re BUSY.

Why not set up some simple rules at home so you can get some work done?

Find a happy medium that you and your family, spouse or significant other can work with and then stick to that.

If you’re finding that it’s taking you forever to get your online business to the point of cranking out cash, it could be because you’re not stingy enough with your time.

Over and out.

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