To Spin Your Content or Not To Spin?

content spinningDepending on who you talk to, your bound to get an answer that is either in support of spinning content or not.  Some people feel that it is a way of spamming the search engines and decreases the value of the content you wish to share.

Others feel that is a way to get more mileage out of the content that you produce and are avid advocates of spinning your content for increased traffic and exposure.

But which one is right?

The answer is that both parties are right with regards the issue of spinning your article content all over the web.

Just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly content ‘spinning’ is let me give you a quick definition.

Spinning your content has to do with creating multiple versions of your articles, videos, audios or whatever and submitting these various versions of your content all over the web so that the search engines will recognize each version as unique and rank them accordingly.

When done properly, you could literally garner the top 4 or 5 positions on the serps for a targeted keyword with relatively low competition very easily.

However there are many individuals who feel that this tactic is black hat and that it is nothing more than spam.

To a certain extent this is true if the quality of the spun versions is low and reads like gibberish.

If an internet user searching for information using a specific keyword came across a wall of links that all lead to content that was barely readable or made very little sense, than this in a sense could be viewed as ‘spam’.

However if the quality of the spun versions was as good as the original article than this would give users a better opportunity to find the content they are looking for. The only problem with making sure that your spun versions are as good as your original versions is that it takes time.

Consider: You could write 100 hundred articles at 10 minutes a piece which would equal 6 articles per hour for the next 16-17 hours or write one article in ten minutes and spend the next 35-40 minutes spinning it with the end result of getting more than one hundred backlinks from a variety of sources.

Just imagine how much traffic and how many backlinks you could have pointing to your content all around the web if you took this approach for all one hundred articles?

How much faster do you think you could build a list of targeted prospects that you could build a relationship with and continue to market t0 regardless of what changes
Google makes to it’s algorithms? (We’ll talk about list building in another post shortly.)

O.k. so how about a more visual approach to this article spinning conversation…

Below are links to some of the other article spinning softwares mentioned in the video…

Spinning Wizard

Spinner Chief

Best Spinner

Jet Spinner

Article Marketing Robot

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Hey! Since we’re talking about spinning, check this out…

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