Traffic Generation Strategies That Work But Are Hardly Mentioned

When you hear conversations about getting traffic to a website, you hear social bookmark this and social network that. You hear write articles and submit to directories and pay per click. There are classified ads and traffic exchanges as well forum marketing and blogging… but…

What about offline advertising?

Did you know that the best kind of viral advertising is word of mouth? You know the old you tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on? Who knew that clairol commercial would have such far reaching ramifications. Anyway back to the discussion.

You can still print up business cards for free with vista print and hand them out to everyone you come in contact with or leave them in publications in the doctors office, the local car dealer, auto repair shop or at the local supermarket.

Flyers are pretty cheap to make and can be used in your neighborhood as well. You can even purchase a classified ad in your local newspaper to get the word out.

How about this… writing and submitting articles for publication in related offline magazines. That could easily boost your credibility for sure and the traffic that comes from those advertising methods is type in traffic. Meaning no competition for keywords, your prospects will just type¬† the url of your website directly into their browser and go right to your site with no distractions.

These traffic generation strategies still work, especially in conjunction with all of the other methods discussed earlier. So if you’re still struggling to get traffic to your site try adding one of these offline suggestions as a new dimension to your traffic plan.

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