Using Mainly Spoons…

Monsters Inc. is one of my all-time favorite animated flicks. Hands down.

At one point in the movie the two lead characters are in danger of being held responsible for letting a human child enter into their world.

Out of desperation one of them comes up with a plan Using Mainly Spoons to “dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.”

His partner calmly and sarcastically says: “spoons.”

Sometimes we can get into some pretty desperate situations that can lead us to come up with “Not So Well Thought Out Plans.”

Their are truckloads of people who are desperate for a way to make money online but instead of putting together a solid plan…

They just throw as much ShTuff against the wall as possible and then pray until their sweat turns into drops of blood.

Not a very sophisticated way of doing business.

So how do you come up with a reasonably intelligent plan?

Think about a time when you planned to take a vacation.

What steps went into making that work?

The last time you got a new job, what plan did you put into place that allowed you to get there and back everyday?

The point here is that we’re always planning.

Whether it’s to go out on a date or go to the movies with some friends.

So why not put a plan together to give yourself a better shot at succeeding online?

What do you think?

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