Want To Know The Secrets To Making Money With Article Marketing?

Although article marketing is incredibly effective for producing steady profits, an overwhelming majority of people who attempt this marketing method end up giving up on it rather quickly.

The reason why most people give up on article marketing is because they are going about it all wrong. Most people who attempt to use article marketing to make money online have a tendency to write one or two articles and stop, thinking that money is just going to start pouring in.

As soon as they notice the less than spectacular results they are quick to assume that article marketing doesn’t work and start spreading that message to anyone who will listen.

These bad reports concerning this strategy tend to scare off beginners who would’ve otherwise given it a chance first.

So let’s get into what you really need to do to make article marketing work for you.

First things first, you have to do keyword research. Put together a list of keywords that don’t have too much competition so that you can rank rather easily for them. This means that words like “car insurance” with 250,000,000 websites competing to rank high for that term are… out of the question.

Search for keywords that are made up of three or more words because these types of phrases usually draw more tightly targeted traffic and are more feasible to rank for.

Doing this manually can take a little bit of time, but there is keyword research software available that can do the heavy lifting for you and save some time so that you can get to making money faster.

The next step is to write an article for each of the keywords. Try to develop a list of 50 – 100 words to work with. When it comes to writing the articles, try to write at least one or two a day or hire a freelance to do it for you.

Submit your articles to the article directories. The key here is to submit to the top directories to find the ones that perform the best for you.

Some directories you can start with are:

Ezine Articles
Go Articles
Article Dashboard

There are tons more and if you want the best solution to submitting your articles to multiple directories at the click of a button, Article Marketing Robot is perfect for the job.

This next step is where most people who make an attempt at article marketing end up leaving massive profit potential on the table.

You must track the performance of your articles.

Some articles may produce immediate results and eventually end up drawing hundreds or even 1000’s of visitors, while others may take off right out of the gate and automatically grab the attention of your target audience.

Look at which articles are getting good results for you and then write similar style articles using those same keywords and do it over and over again, milking it for all it’s worth.

Although article marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing strategies you can make handsome profits from for the long term you will need to put in consistent effort, always testing and tweaking to really get the best results for your efforts.

However the rewards can be quite substantial and provide you with a nice steady growing cash flow in the long run.

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