Web 2.0 Inauguration?

Watch, listen and read about a tremendously historic event via text alerts, TV broadcast, and web-broadcasts. The communication channels being used by the president of the United States?

Indeed if there were any doubt as to the effectiveness of the web 2.0 revolution, the success of president-elect Barak Obama’s campaign should easily dispel those thoughts.

This inaugural event not only represents the victorious outcome of well planned and executed campaign, but it also represents the possibilities that are available to anyone who chooses to commit to their vision.

There is much that can be learned and adapted into the world of internet marketing and online advertising in general from this event. To think broadcasting companies like HBO, The Disney Channel, and ABC are participating in making what will turn out to be one of the most remembered presidential inaugurations this country has ever seen.

With all the pros and cons that have been considered with regards the viability of the internet, finally a real demonstration of the kind of good this medium can accomplish.

Heck, there is even an excellent model available when it comes to video communication and marketing.

Video:Barack Obama on the Inauguration

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