Web 2.0 Traffic Tips For An Instant Stampede Of Targeted Visitors

Web 2.0 traffic truly is some of the most powerful traffic you can get today. What makes it so powerful is the fact that thousands of people frequent these sites daily on the hunt for fresh new compelling information that they can take action with.

It used to be that getting traffic to your website was a matter of trying to attract targeted visitors through the search engines, but with the internet market place becoming an interactive medium, things have changed.

With web 2.0 sites like blogs, social bookmarking sites and social networking sites, getting traffic is a simple matter of going to where the traffic is, instead of waiting for it to come to you.

The key to working with web 2.0 sites is to remember that these sites are built around a community based model and the majority of people who frequent these sites are not looking for a sales pitch. In fact if you come into these sites with your sales guns blazing you may very well end up tossed out on your hind parts.

So it is important to become a part of the community and develop your reputation amongst the other members. Marketing in these communities is best done by offering information in the form of free reports that you can easily tie to your autoresponder, with a lead capture page in your profile.

Overall web 2.0 sites can be a tremendous source of highly targeted traffic for you and this strategy works best when complimented with article marketing, blogging, video marketing and forum marketing. Social bookmark as much of your content as you can, outsource it if you have to and watch how fast you can drive traffic to your site.

O.k., here’s a quick tip for you. Write a keyword rich article for your product or website or wherever you want people to go. Post your article to GoArticles.com. Once you’ve posted your article, go back in to view it and social bookmark it with the sites provided at the bottom of the page. After you’ve done that go back to your members page and refresh the page and you’ll see how many times your article was requested. The numbers in the vote box will tell you how many people just visited your site. Now that’s instant traffic.

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  • Scott Million on May 11, 2009

    Using Web 2.0 systems to drive traffic to websites is not only a viable option, it has the added benefit of getting the attention of the search engines. “Link juice” is a popular online marketing phrase used to describe the increasingly important role of having links to and from other sites. In general, search engines such as Google and Yahoo give better ranking to sites that not only provide unique content, but also have backlinks to high “page rank” sites such as YouTube and the other social networking sites.

  • Nuno on May 11, 2009

    I guess this it a great advice!

    Thanks for the motivation!


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