Website Traffic Generation – 3 Quick Ways To Get A Ton Of Traffic To Your Website For Free

Developing your website traffic generation skills can mean the difference between making a solid living on the internet or going hungry. Attracting traffic to your website is of critical significance and not investing the time to find out how to get better at this most critical skill can become an expensive proposition.

There are loads of ways to get traffic to your website, especially if you have the capital to spend in an advertising and marketing strategy. However what if you do not have the money to set aside for an advertising budget?

This article will talk about THREE free traffic generation techniques that you can make use of right now to get an incredible amount of targeted visitors to your website.

Free Traffic Method #1

Blog commenting – This technique of free traffic generation is achieved by tracking down blogs that get plenty of traffic. What you’re looking for are blogs that accept comments and if possible will allow you to utilize your keyword in the name field so that you can get a keyword rich anchor text link pointing back towards your website.

The key to making this method of traffic generation do the job for you is to be sure that you leave meaningful comments relevant to the post you’re replying to.

If you post comments that never contribute to the dialogue taking place it’s guaranteed to be deleted, which in turn would be nothing more than lost energy.

This is a powerful way to siphon traffic from authority sites and the most effective location to link to when employing this approach is back to your blog. If you decide to link to a sales page for an affiliate offer, your new visitors will most likely click away.

Free Traffic Method #2

Yahoo Answers – Did you know that Yahoo is the 4th most frequented site on the internet? What if you could tap into this remarkable traffic source and siphon some of that traffic to your own website?

This is possible with Yahoo Answers. With this traffic source you can simply type in the main keyword for your specific niche market into the search box to find inquiries being asked by people in your market.

Once you discover a recently asked question relevant to the market you are working with you can give a very helpful reply and give a link to your website as the resource if your website is relevant to the question being asked.

The secret to driving an effective amount of traffic from Yahoo Answers is in the profile area. It’s important to complete your profile as thoroughly as possible and include a link to your website. Make your profile seem as professional and authoritative as possible and you’re certain to see an immediate increase in your traffic once you start using this free traffic method.

Free Traffic Method #3

Blogging – Here is an uncomplicated and useful technique of website traffic generation that you can implement. There are a good number of free blogging platforms out there like, and to name a few.

The key here is to utilize your main keyword in the domain, title, post and anchor text. You can write 1 or 2 articles to post to your blog to get going and ping your blog as well as social bookmark your site on a number of social bookmarking sites.

In addition to social bookmarking your blog, you can additionally list your blogs’ RSS feeds on the various RSS directories to obtain an additional amount of traffic and backlinks to your money site.

At the conclusion of each of your posts make sure to incorporate a keyword rich anchor text link aiming back to the main site you wish to drive traffic to and update your blog at the very least once or twice per week.

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