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Getting traffic is without a doubt a very crucial skill to master, if you want to build a solid online business and make money.

Well, here’s a valuable note that just came into the inbox and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s from John and Matt Rhodes from Enjoy!

Traffic, traffic, traffic…

You’ve got to have web site traffic if you want to generate cash online. Right?

Well, here’s something that I’d like to talk to you about. I’ve been reading a
report that explains how to drive traffic following a product launch formula. What’s that mean?
It’s pretty simple, actually. What you do is set up a sequence of events that will
drive traffic once you’re ready to launch a product.

No, it’s not instant traffic, but then again, most instant traffic is pretty
worthless. You either have to pay for it, or it’s “one time traffic” that doesn’t
really reward you in the long term.

That’s no good, right?

Before you get worried about how complex this might be, let me tell you —


There are folks out there who know how to launch a product so that traffic is
there, ready and waiting.

(We’re following their advice, right now!)

Seriously, you don’t have to worry about how hard it might be to launch a product
so that you are basically guaranteed traffic. No worries…

What should worry you more is that a full
“product launch” could take a lot of time.
Look, that used to be what I was worried
about. No joke.

But again, you don’t have to worry about taking weeks or months of time setting up
a product launch, and grabbing all kinds of web traffic. It’s not only possible,
it really isn’t that hard.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, right!”

It’s fine to be skeptical. Very healthy. But, I want to break through, if you’ll
give me a little more time.

Here’s how you can generate big traffic with your product launch in less than 1
week. Here you go…

1. Write articles
2. Submit them to article directories
3. Create a video promotion
4. Use YouTube to pre-sell
5. Do forum marketing
6. Use social bookmarking
7. List an ad on Craiglist
8. Put a classified ad on eBay

Yes, of course there’s more. But just look at that short list. You could do
that in a week no problem, right?

(Of course, you could. I know you could.)

The idea here is that there are some key actions you can take to drive traffic.
In my last message I talked about taking action. That’s the trick.

A few hours of effort, over the course of just one week, and you’ll definitely have
a flood of traffic — long term results can be expected as well, if you’ve put
together great content.

Hope this causes a traffic explosion for you.



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