What I Liked Most About Chalkboards…

I never really liked school that much.

Sure I had a few friends, but overall it was just soooo boring to me.

Then there was all that writing on the chalkboard that seemed to have a mind-numbing effect on my brain.

What I liked most about that chalkboard though was when the teacher would take the eraser and clear all that stuff OFF.

It was like an instant feeling of relief… mentally.

Trying to wrap your mind around the myriad of internet marketing concepts can have the same effect as that chalkboard full of writing.

You’re brain starts to get fatigued and before you know it, you’re forgetting information faster than you can take it in.

I’d like to give you an eraser.

A way to start fresh and actually get somewhere.

Check out the video on the other end of this link and see if this helps.

What have you got to lose, except more time?

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