What Webhost Do You Recommend For Beginner Internet Marketers?

hostgator1Webhosting or hosting as it’s more commonly known is a very important part of establishing your brand on the internet.

There are lots of free website solutions online that you can use to instantly set up your own website without much difficulty but…

You knew there was going to be a but didn’t you?

The problem with using free website platforms is that you don’t have the kind of control you need to ensure that your business continues to run.

With free website platforms like blogger.com and wordpress.com, at any time and without warning your site could be shut down.

This is especially the case with wordpress.com.

According to their terms of service, if for any reason they feel that you are promoting affiliate products or using their platform just to drive page rank to another site… they will shut it down.

What if you were fortunate enough to actually make money from your wordpress.com site and all of sudden found out that your site had been shut down?

How would you feel?

So to avoid that unnecessary hassle it’s good to invest in a hosting provider that is proven and reliable.

The hosting provider I and many of the top internet marketers on the net use is Hostgator.

I didn’t always use them. As a matter of fact I used a hosting provider that was featured as part of a deal to get a ‘free money making website’.

You’ve probably seen those deals where you’re offered a fully functional, highly optimized, money making website complete with content and offers to promote all set up for you.

The catch is that you have to use the hosting services they recommend.

Well this particular hosting provider cost $29.95 a month and charged an additional $5.00 per month for every domain I added.

Needless to say, I found myself with a growing monthly expense and that was before I started making any money.

By the way, just a bit of advice from my experience…

If you find that you’re spending all kinds of money and have yet to see any kind of return on your investment, stop.

It’s a poor business model. poorhouse1

And I mean POOR literally.

I knew I had to find another hosting provider and fast but I was scared to lose the content and the sites I built them on so I procrastinated.

In the meantime I kept hearing about Hostgator and how other big time marketers were using them and decided to do some research.

I actually called them up to see if transferring the domains I had would be difficult.

They assured me that it was not as difficult as my current provider made it seem and that they would be happy to walk me through it when I was ready.

That interaction and the courteous manner it was presented in was all I needed to get up the courage to make the switch.

At the time I was not very tech savvy at all as far as internet marketing goes so when I actually did drop the over priced monthly fee that was draining my pockets and my enthusiasm I found out for myself that switching from one hosting provider to another was not so difficult at all.

A few things I like about Hostgator is that…

  • They don’t charge you an additional monthly fee for adding new domain names to your account.
  • In addition to adding unlimited domains to your account you can double that amount if you want with sub-domains.
  • There Cpanel setup (the place you go to build your websites and deal with your files) is very easy to use and they even have videos to help you get familiar with everything.
  • Hostgator customer service is outstanding.

Anytime I’ve had a problem that I couldn’t figure out, I simply called them up and regardless of what time it was or what the problem was, they have always been extremely courteous and professional.

I currently pay $9.95 a month and they are always running specials and promotions.

As a matter of fact you can search on Google for Hostgator coupon codes or promotional codes to take advantage of the latest deals.

If you’re an internet marketing beginner, I highly recommend Hostgator.

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