What's The Biggest Liability To Starting An Internet Business?

If you asked this question around the web you would get a truckload of interesting answers but in my own experience the biggest liablity is not…

External factors but it’s more of an internal factor and that factor is what keeps most people from ever reaching their profit potential online.

The internal factor I’m speaking about is centered around the characteristic of stubborness.

It’s not hard to understand why online marketers can get into a rut sometimes, because after all you pretty much end up learning a multitude of concepts through trial and error and you get used to doing things all by yourself so…

When you finally happen upon a system that produces results, the last thing you want to do is touch it. You know the old saying: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but…

Often times what you have achieved can be improved upon and if you’re stuck on your own opinions, you may just be limiting your income instead of expanding on it.

Now there is another way that stubborness can really hurt your business and that’s by not recognizing when something isn’t working at all, yet you still pursue it.

For instance you may have created products in your niche and for whatever reason they are not as ‘hot’ as they were when you first introduced them to the market. So do you just continue to do product launch after product launch to keep the profit engine going or do you look for other formats that generate a better response from your market?

Maybe you’re creating minisites for various products but you’re marketing them to the wrong audience, do you keep trying to fit a square block into a round hole or do you do some market research to speak to a more targeted audience to what you have to offer?

Are you creating products that you know the market wants, but no one seems to be responding like you hoped? Maybe you need to take a look at your sales copy and make some adjustments that will yield better results.

Obviously I could go on and on about this, but I think you get the picture. So don’t let the internal characteristic of stubborness become your biggest liability.

The main point if I had to state one is, if something is working that doesn’t mean it can’t work better and if something is not working than stop doing it.

Being stubborn about your comittment to your success is awesome, but don’t let that be the thing that keeps you from making it big online.


7 Responses to “What's The Biggest Liability To Starting An Internet Business?”

  • I 110% agree. Having recently started my own online business I would have to agree it is easy to slip into trap..

    Well written…

  • Jeff Gold on December 30, 2009

    Great post. Agree completely. Especially liked your last point as being stubborn can often hold you back.

  • Cleveland Mignot on April 30, 2010

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