Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work and How To Fix It

 Recently I set a goal to lose a few pounds but for some reason it just didn’t work out.setgoal1

In the not too distant past I paid a visit to my doctor and had a full physical done.

As the years wear on it’s good to check under the hood once in awhile to make sure nothing’s out of whack.

Know what I’m sayin?

It’s kinda scary when you think about the fact that so many people are dying from one disease or another at a relatively young age.

It’s even scarier when you hear stories about people, especially young men with a decent measure of good health who out of the blue are diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer or some other horrible disease and end up passing away shortly thereafter.

So I went to the doctor and found out that my cholesterol was a little high.

Which led him to telling me about the need to lose some weight and change my diet.

And to be honest with you I’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds but just haven’t been able to get myself to take action.

So I decided to set a little goal for myself to lose a couple pounds within a thirty day time frame and went to work on it.

I didn’t get very far though.

Here’s why I didn’t achieve my goal…

The first problem with my goal was that it wasn’t specific enough.

Wanting to lose a few pounds and attaching an actual number to that makes a big difference.

Had I said to myself: ” I want to lose 12 pounds in the next thirty days”, I probably would’ve had a better shot.

But not having an actual goal weight in mind was alot like the word “someday”.

Although that word implies that at some point in the future you’ll get there, without a definite set day and date there is no way to tell whether or not you’re getting closer to or farther away from your goal.

At the same time a word like ‘someday’ and setting goals that are too vague are just ways of giving yourself an excuse for failing in case you don’t make it.

It’s a cowardly way of trying to pin any failure to succeed on something other than yourself.

It’s a foolhardy way of building the “I never said” clause into your declaration to succeed so that you can protect your ego.

The “I never said clause” is your hand dandy excuse that  sounds like this…

“I never said that I was going to lose 12 pounds in thirty days”. “I said I wanted to lose a few pounds, that’s what I said.”

That was my full blown disclaimer for failure.

I’ve done this more times than I’d like to admit.

The same goes for generating revenue from your internet business.

If you don’t set a  clear target income to strive for, how do you know if you’re getting closer or not?

But achieving goals goes a little deeper than that.

Have you ever set out to reach a goal but found yourself losing steam half way through even if it is clearly defined?

I know I have and here’s why…

The reason for wanting to achieve the goal was  not something that I really wanted.

Let me explain…

When I was a kid my mom wanted me to become a physicist. mamasays1

Anytime  her friends came over to visit she would always tell me to tell them what I wanted to become when I grew up.

Guess what I would say.

I want to be a physicist.

I had no clue what a physicist was, what a physicist did and I didn’t even know how to spell the word.

Yet every time without fail whenever she told her friends to ask me what I want to be when I grow up, the answer was the same.

A physicist.

So let me ask you.. as I sit here years later sharing this story with you typing it out on this blog…

Do you think I became a physicist?

Not even in my wildest dreams.

Because it was NOT my dream.

Make sense?

Are  you pursuing a goal right now that in the end will only serve to achieve someone else’s deepest desire?

At some point long before you reach the finish line your motivation is going to dwindle because it just may not be what YOU want.

Yeah, I know I said I only write short posts, but this is critical to your success in your business and your life.

Make sure that the goals you set harmonize with what it is YOU really want. setgoal2

Wanting to help people is a noble cause but if you are experiencing inner conflict because the goal you set is not something that YOU really want, then you’re in for a miserable journey that will lead to disappointment.


1. Get clear on exactly what you want and

2. Make sure it’s what YOU really want

Because once you have those two factors in place nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your goals.



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