Why Should They Believe You?

skepticallook1This post is strictly off the cuff. That’s a bit of a disclaimer eh?

Anyway I wanted to chat with you for a moment about trust.

As you know, finding people you can trust in any business is not easy.

Nowadays people will say almost anything regardless of what the FTC legislates, just to make a sale.

Have you recently purchased a product based on a particular promise that was made in the salesletter only to be disappointed in the end?

Of course you have because the message that came across was that you had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from the product you were purchasing.

Now that may not sound so horrible at first, because after all as long as there is a guarantee in place you don’t have to worry about getting duped out of cash.

Or do you?

Why should people believe you or even trust you or me for that matter?

What can help you to gain the trust of individuals who couldn’t pick you out of a police line up even if you were the only one standing there?

Well the first thing that can definitely help your prospective customers to feel a little more comfortable with you is…

Social Proof

Social proof simply put is the praise you get from other people who have dealt with you in one way or another and are willing to say so publicly.

When you come to a website that is teaming with comments, this tells you that other people are visiting this site too.

Is there any evidence of interaction between those who are commenting and the owner of the site?

Sometimes all people need to know is that the lights are on and somebody is home.

Make sense?

If you’re just coming to this blog for the first time you’ll notice that there are comments on some posts and none on others.

That’s because at one time I ended up taking on more projects than I could handle and essentially neglected my readers.

I’ll post more about that in detail very shortly.

Something else that can help people to feel more at ease about doing business with you is to show them examples of your work.

Show people your results

What kind of results have you achieved?

How long did it take you and what specifically did you do to get them?

What people really want to know is…

Does it work?
Can I do it?
How long will it take?

People won’t even quibble about price so much, as long as you can provide them with a solid answer to these three questions.

O.k. look this post is getting long and I can see your eyes starting to glaze over so I’m going to end here but keep these two thoughts in mind as you continue to work at capturing marketshare for your business and you’ll notice a significant positive impact on your bottom line.




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