Wow, That’s A Lot Of Plugins

plugin1I love WordPress. Seriously, when I tell someone that I build websites they think I’m some kind of genius.

Obviously they don’t know that all I had to do was click a couple buttons to create what they think is something of a modern technological miracle.

Grab a free theme that looks decent, install a few plugins and voila! We’re in the money.

Well maybe, but not really.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that there is no plugin that is going to get all the traffic you need to your website.

You have to do that.

Sure there are plugins that can help you with the traffic you get, but you have to get the traffic.

Selling wordpress plugins is a big business right now, because people want push button success.

That makes selling these little gizmos a mini-goldmine.

But there is something that you should know before you go clicking over to paypal to buy another one of these things and that is…

You can find a lot of them for free. Heck I test different ones out all the time.

You can search for them on Google or you can search the plugin directory on WordPress for a plugin that does what that doo-dad you’re about to buy does.

Plugins don’t make money. Marketers do. Marketers make money marketing.

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